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Reverse Mortgage Specialist

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Reverse Mortgage Specialist


Reverse Mortgage

Our Mission

Are you looking to retake control of your finances, fix your roof, or take a life long dream cruise?  Maybe we can help?

 My name is Doug Wright; my wife for 50+ years is Carolyn. As a mortgage broker for over 20 years I knew we had wealth in our home, but couldn't spend it because our equity wasn't liquid.  A Reverse Mortgage allowed us to tap into that equity of our home to enjoy some our life long dreams without forcing us to make monthly or periodic payments.  A Reverse Mortgage helped us take control of our finances.

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Thank you,

Doug &  Carolyn Wright



How a Reverse Mortgage Works………

The best way I know how to describe the reverse mortgage is as follows: Think of any mortgage you’ve had in your life. The reverse mortgage is structured almost identically. The only real structural difference is instead of being forced to make monthly principal and interest payments to the lender the reverse mortgage allows you to not ever make payments.


What did a Reverse Mortgage do for me?


Doug Wright

It has improved the Quality of my Life!

It relieved stress and brought Joy and Happiness,

It was a Home Fixer Upper, It Fixed our Plumbing leaks.

It fixed our Fences, It fixed our Electrical problems

It was a Car Fixer Upper.  It even fixed my wife’s teeth.

It was a Worry Reducer.  It eliminated our Mortgage Debt

It eliminated ALL our credit card Debt.  It eliminates phone calls from debt collectors   It gave me more Restful Night’s Sleep.

It provided In Home Care for my wife.  It provided Help in the Garden.  It built a Garden Gold Fish Pond with Water Fall for Joy.

It put in a Walk in Tub for Pain Relief.

It brought Family Happiness, More Smiles and Laughter

All Reverse Mortgages cost and fees were rolled into the loan which means that we NEVER have to pay it back!  How cool is that?   It solved our financial problems and created a better Quality of Life.


Would you like to have your Senior Years be your Best Years?

I was in the mortgage business for 30 years.  The Reverse Mortgage was such a blessing to our family; I became a Reverse Mortgage Specialist.  Now in my 80th year, I am able to help other seniors with their questions about Reverse Mortgages.  It is my pleasure to be able to help answer all questions regarding Reverse Mortgages. FREE!  I really do know it from the inside out.


What do you need? What do you want?  Is a Reverse Mortgage right for you?  If you are a home owner with equity, age 62+; at no cost to you, get your questions answered, so you can stay in the home you love.

Doug Wright

Reverse Mortgage Specialist



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