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Counseling Mandate
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Counseling Mandate

When you get a reverse mortgage, FHA mandates you must go through a reverse mortgage counseling session either by phone or in person with a HUD licensed reverse mortgage counselor.

What is the point?
The HUD licensed counselor has no financial stake in whether you get a reverse mortgage or not.  So, in theory the counselor is unbiased and will give you unfiltered information about the reverse mortgage to help you make the best decision possible.  You could think of the counselor as a stopgap for those that might be getting talked into making a decision that may not be the best for their long term financial future.

I've attached a list of California reverse mortgage counselors.

(look on page 4) Call now!  It may take a week to make an appointmentThey may or may not be local to you.  In our experience, 95% of reverse mortgage candidates opt for phone appointments, so the whereabouts of the counselors is pretty irrelevant. 

On completion of your counseling you will receive a Certificate.

Before we can start the Reverse Mortgage process you must sign this Certificate and FAX to:   1-949-943-3136    or mail to:


2 South Pointe Drive

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Lake Forest, CA 92630


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